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The Cause Of Water Turbidity In The Swimming Pool
- May 02, 2018 -

The first is that the design of the circulating filtration system is insufficient: this may be caused by the difference between the purpose of use at the beginning of the design and the objective of actual operation.
Second: water quality balance problem: The water quality of the swimming pool is biased toward the direction of fouling in the water balance, that is to say, there are too many calcium carbonate particles in the pool water, causing turbidity.
Third: the formation of humans: Since the algae grows in a series of splits, there is no control of good water quality. Even if artificial pools are used in indoor swimming pools, after the algae start to grow, the pool water's perspective will be reduced immediately.
Fourth: Heavy load: For example, there are a large number of swimmers entering the pool suddenly, and the northwestern rain has caused a large amount of water to contain impurities.
Fifth: Suspended Ion: The accumulation of organic substances containing ammonia and nitrogen causes the suspended ions to hinder the penetration of light.