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Swimming Pool Wall Lamp Arrangement Method
- May 02, 2018 -

Indoor swimming and diving halls usually consider the maintenance and repair of lamps. Generally, lamps are not arranged above the water surface, except for special inspection and maintenance passages above the water surface. For venues that do not have television broadcasting requirements, lighting fixtures are often scattered on suspended ceilings, trusses, or walls outside the water surface. For venues that have television broadcasting requirements, light fixtures generally adopt a light belt layout, that is, horizontal horse paths are arranged over the pool sides of both sides; in addition, appropriate lighting fixtures need to be installed under the landing platforms and springboards to eliminate the shadows formed by the platforms and springboards, and also for diving sports. Warm up the pool to focus on lighting.
It should be emphasized that diving sports should not be installed above the diving pool, otherwise there will be a mirror image of the lights in the water, which will cause light interference to athletes and affect the judgment and play of athletes. Therefore, whether it is diving training or formal competition, it is not necessary. This lighting method should be adopted.
Nowadays, more and more swimming pools have joined people's lives. With the increase of swimming pools, the number of swimming pool wall lamps has also increased accordingly. In order to create a safe environment for the swimming pools in the evening and to increase the beauty of the swimming pool, we can choose as soon as possible. Swimming pool wall lights.