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Is The Top Type Sand Tank Good Or Side Type Sand Tank Easy To Use?
- May 02, 2018 -

The question of which kind of sand tank is easy to use is actually very easy to use. It is only necessary to select the size of the swimming pool and the planning of the engine room. Therefore, when designing the swimming pool, these issues should be considered, depending on the water in the pool. Volume to arrange the size of the installation of sand tank equipment, combined with the size of the swimming pool room to arrange the number and type of sand tanks.
Generally, the top sand tank is more, and the side swimming pool sand tank is generally larger. If the pool is small, then the top-out sand tank can be used. If the pool is relatively large, side sand tanks and side sand tanks can be selected. The sand head is horizontally mounted on the side, and the height of the side sand tank is relatively low, so if the machine room is relatively low, side sand tanks can also be selected.