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What is the use of small swimming pool circulating water disinfection equipment?
- May 02, 2018 -

Due to the low water content in the small swimming pools, many do not have a self-administered pool system. Instead, they use artificial dosing. Every morning and evening, a pool disinfectant is put in place to keep the water clean.
If it is a family swimming pool, you can also use IQ buoys. This convenience is more convenient. Just open the lid of the buoy and put it into the pool water. The weight of a bucket is less than 2kg and you can use it for a week or so.
Small children's pool or baby pool can also use chlorine-free impact treatment agent for disinfection, chlorine-free impact treatment agent does not contain chlorine, no odor is not irritating, more suitable for children's pool and baby pool use, and two days to use once ,More convenient.
In addition, disinfection of small swimming pools can also use silver and copper ion sterilizers. The silver and copper ion sterilizer B80 is suitable for disinfection in a small pool of 80 cubic meters of water. Generally, villa pools will be used.