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Is the water quality tester accurate?
- May 02, 2018 -

Water quality detectors have manual inspection styles and automatic online monitors. Among them, BEHRINGER swimming pool water quality detectors imported from the United Kingdom have high accuracy and minimal error. In addition to routine water quality testing, they are frequently tested. It is used for data calibration of various detectors, with accurate detection and wide range of uses. Generally large swimming pools and hotel swimming pools are equipped.
Secondly, there are also imported Roebuck Water Quality Detectors imported from Germany. The error is slightly larger than that of BEHRINGER. However, the water quality after calibration is also very convenient and easy to use. Many public swimming pools are equipped.
As for some domestic water quality rapid measurement boxes, it is very convenient to use, and it is small and easy to carry, but the error is relatively large compared to the water quality detection equipment. It is of convenience style, and the general family swimming pool and other like to use.
The pool water quality online monitor is a detection instrument that needs to be installed in the swimming pool room, and a probe is connected to the swimming pool circulation system so as to realize real-time detection of water quality.