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How to maintain a constant temperature in the pool?
- May 02, 2018 -

The constant temperature of the constant temperature swimming pool includes the constant temperature of the pool water and the constant temperature of the indoor space. The swimming pool water should be maintained at a constant temperature, which is achieved through the pool heating equipment, such as electric heating, air heat pump, boiler heating, solar heating, etc. These devices can be pool water. Heating is provided to keep the pool water at a constant temperature, but the heat of the pool water must also be reasonably used and maintained in order to save costs.
Simple and effective method is to use the swimming pool insulation film, insulation film is also a one-time investment, long-term use, affordable, but efficient and environmentally friendly, swimming pool closed, you can cover a layer of insulation film, until the next day you need to use to get it The insulation film can effectively reduce heat loss by 70%, not only saving the heating cost of water, but also reducing heating time, reducing water evaporation, and reducing indoor humidity.