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Filter sand cylinder working principle
- May 02, 2018 -

The filter uses special sand to remove tiny dirt from the pool. The filter sand is used as a medium to remove dirt. It is filled in the cavity inside the filter. When the control knob is in the “FILTER” position, the pool water containing suspended dirt particles is pumped into the filter line by the pump, and then controlled by The switch guides to the outlet of the filter. The pool water passes through the filter and tiny dirt is trapped and filtered off by the sand bed. The filtered fresh water is returned from the bottom of the filter to the swimming pool via a controlled switch. This whole process is continuous and automatic, and provides a complete cycle for the pool filter and piping system.
After a period of use of the filter, accumulated dirt obstructs the flow of water and weakens it. The filter should be cleaned at this time. For example, for the filter sand box of Aituo Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd., when the control switch hits the "BACKWASH" position, the flow of water becomes the opposite direction. The water flows directly to the bottom of the filter chamber and passes through the sand layer. Recoil up, flush the dirt and debris collected from the sewage outlet, and after each backwash, turn the control switch to “RINSE” position, turn the pump off after 0.5 to 1 minute, then hit “ "FILTER" position, resume normal filtration.